Open Letter

許多關心仁安羌大捷真相的朋友﹐最近來信表示憂慮﹐要我們表示意見﹐為了報答大家的關心﹐請點擊我們的公開回信: 公開回信.pdf

Many concerned readers and friends have urged me to clarify some facts about the Battle of Yenangyaung in the past. I have received more concerns recently because of news and activities. In response to your love and concern, we have written an open letter in Chinese. Please click the link Letteryay.pdf


Since I did not participate in the battle, I have refrained from criticizing what I considered personal opinions. As a researcher of the Battle, I read what I consider credible. Not to believe all we read is the rule of thumb. We learned that since school days. If I give a short statement as foster-son of General Sun,that imply that my statements are biased. A lengthy analysis and citation is needed to delineate the details of Battle of Yenangyaung. We have kept this in mind in our writing of the movie script, and we shall publish our research results in due course. We do our best from historical and scholar point of view, because truth matters.