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Sun Li-jen   Sun Liren 
December 8, 1900 – November 19, 1990
The Ever Victorious General

Sun Li-jen and Sun Liren

File:Sun Liren.jpgSun Li-jen (traditional Chinese孫立人simplified Chinese孙立人pinyinSūn Lìrén) (December 8, 1900–November 19, 1990) was a General best known for his leadership in the Sino-Japanese War between 1937-1945He commanded a Chinese Expedition Army fighting Japanese in Burma. In the Burma War Theatre, he collaborated with British and American generals. Britain and the United States awarded him many high honours. He earned respects not only of generals he has collaborated with, but also famous generals such as George Patton, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight Eisenhower and Louis Mountbatten. Thus, he was a well known WWII General, and he earned the nicknames of "Ever Victorious General" and "Rommel of the East". He was also known as Sun Chung-neng (孫仲能, Sūn Zhòngnéng) and had the courtesy name Sun Fu-min (孫撫民, Sūn Fǔmín).

The Legend

Sun Li-jen was born in a prosperous family in Anhui Province. His father Mr. Sun Xize (孙熙泽) was a Confucian scholar. When his father was promoted to the governor of several districts in the Province of Shandong, Li-jen moved to Shandong with his father. China was curved in peril at that time and Chinese suffered from discrimination and prejudice. He was a victim of bullying by German boys and he made up his mind to make himself strong to earn respect and equality.

He attended Tsing Hua University that prepared students to study in universities in the United States. Then he earned a degree in civil engineering from Purdue University. Following that he went to Virginia Military Institute because he wanted to build a strong army to so that Chinese would have equality in the world.

He was determined to be a soldier, and a true great general he has become. It is a privilege to get to know him, and I was even more fortunate than that. He adopted me as his son and we are rather close. Thus, I am dedicating this website to him. Stay tuned. 


This website is constructed for the project of making a movie to bring history to the general public. Sun Li-jen (Sun Liren in pinyin). Watch for its development and suggestions and supports are most welcome.



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