Chinese Expedition Army Monument in Guangzhou

Chinese Expedition Army Monument in Guangzhou

In May 1945, the Chinese Expedition Army in Burma had won a complete victory together with British and US forces. The New First Army (N1A) returned to Yunan Chiina, They were preparing themselves to take on the Japanese forces in China, fighting together with other forces to recover the lost lands.

 In August, Japan declared unconditional surrender to the Allies. General Sun Li-jen led the New First Army to Guangzhou to take over the control from Japanese Army. In the meantime, General Sun wanted to honor all those sacrificed during their many battles in Burma.

In 1985, when I returned to Taiwan to visit General Sun, he showed me this sketch of the Guangzhou Monument. I snapped this陆军新编第一军印缅阵亡将士纪念碑, Sketch of Gzhgmu photo then. He also asked me to go to Guangzhou to investigate the condition the Monument was in. 

“Make sure the Monument will be preserved for future Chinese to remember them!” he told me.

He also told me that he used the surrendered Japanese soldiers to construct the Monument at that time.

In 2006, I went to Guangzhou, and met Mr. Wang Bohui. He happened to be the officer that directed the Japanese soldiers to do the work. In view of his age, he wanted me to work closely with him to preserve the destroyed Monument.




孫立人到廣州時﹐開始策劃﹐與朋友共同設計 「陸軍新編第一軍印緬陣亡將士紀念墓園」﹐這張示意圖是他1985年親自給我看的﹐當時我照了這樣一張照片。他當時要我到廣州查看﹐希望將來國家能夠保存墓園。



(廣州遠征軍公墓 (gzhgmu)