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Books on the Internet
Chinese Army in India-Burma Campaign 印缅远征画史 compiled and edited by Ho Ti-Wah and Sun Ke-Kang.
Photos of Gen. Sun Li-jen during his European War Theater Tour 孙立人将军欧洲战场访问照compiled and edited by Ho Ti-Wah and Sun Ke-Kang.
Leadership, Lectures by Sun Li-jen
Full (sort of) Story of Sun Li-jen
Sun Li-jen, a website dedicated by his adopted son Chung Chieh
Sen Li-jen (Sun Liren) in
Sun Li-jen in, Academic dictionaries
Chiang K S and Sun Li-jen 蒋介石与孙立人
Chinese expedition army in India and Burma, 中国驻印军印缅抗战
Social Groups
Sun Li-jen (Sun Liren) on Who's Who in 20th Century Warfare
Sun Li-jen Fans 孙立人粉丝
Blog by Yiyong Zhongcheng 义勇忠诚的博客
Sun Li-jen and Tax Police Force
Tax Police Force 税警总团
Tax Police Force 财政部税警总团史
Regroup the Tax Police Force 由缉私总队到税警总团,孙之于蒋无足轻重(1)Training in Duyun, Guizhou, 都匀练兵
Battle of Shanghai (1937)
Injured in Shanghai, hospitalized in Hong Kong, 軍神降臨
New First Army in Quangzhou 新一军广州受降
The Case of Injustice 孫立人冤案
Oral history of Chen Liang Xuan, General Sun's aid 陳良壎訪問錄
Double Cross? Time report in 1955 regarding the Guo Tingliang as spy that ended the career for Sun Li-jen
Sun Li-jen, Captain of the Chinese Basket Ball Team, won gold during the 5th Far East Olympic Game 孙立人1921年代表中国拿过远东冠军
葛忠雨﹕「忠奸之辨 (上)平反岳飛冤案」Sun Li-jen is often regarded as Yue Fei (現代岳飛) in modern Chinese history. This article discusses the injustice about Yue Fei, a classical Chinese hero.

The Battle of Yenangaung
Chinese Expedition Force in Burma - Veterans Story (author unknown)
Battle of Yenangaun on Wikipedia
王楚英 缅甸仁安羌之战 This article gives interesting account of the Battle of Yenangyaung, but some readers question about the author.
Chinese Troops in Northern Burma
Experts assess the characteristic of Japanese politicians the its people on the TV web Ifen
Chinese Expedition Army

Chinese Educated in Military Schools of the United States