The Standing Committee

for the Movie General Sun Li-Jen

Mission of the Standing Committee

The Standing Committee will publicize the Movie Project broadly in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other nations in the world, seeking support from all levels of governments. It further promote the project among business, establishments, foundations, and invite investment in this worthwhile, and potentially profitable adventure.

 The Standing Committee shall aim at a debut time for the movie General Sun Li-jen in 2015.

Committee Members

Chairman, Mr. Fred Wang, Chairman of the Board, Salon Films (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Vice Chairman, Professor Chung Chieh,

Secretary General, Mr. Tony Huang, Independent Film Producer


Sun Ane-Ping, son of Gen. Sun

Sun Tien-Ping, son of Gen. Sun

John Lau, Educator and historian in Hong Kong

Mr. Ge Shuya, WWII History expert, Chinese Expedition Army Historian

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