Chi HsuehChi 齊學啟


Chi Hsueh-Chi (traditional Chinese: 齊學啟, simplified Chinese: 齐学启, Pinyin: Qi Xueqi) and Sun Li-Jen (traditional Chinese: 孫立人; simplified Chinese: 孙立人, Pinyin Sun Liren) were classmates of Tsing Hua College from 1914 to 1923. They lived, studied, and played together for all their teen years and more. Tsing Hua prepared them to study at American universities. They studied military science and engineering in the United States. They returned to China hoping to make their country an equal partner among nations, but Japan invaded their country before they had a chance. Eventually, Sun Li-jen became one of the foremost generals of WWII, and Chi Hsueh-Chi died in Burma as a POW while in Japanese hands.

Chi Hsueh-Chi was enrolled in Civil Engineering, Norwich Military University. He entered as a sophomore directly following Tsing Hua in 1923.

I contacted Norwich Military University for information about Chi's time in Norwich. The archived material gave me a glimpse of Chi’s life as a cadet at Norwich. He had a purpose for his life and he worked hard in pursuit of his dream. Unfortunately, the war cut his life short.

A rather lengthy story, A Tribute to General Chi Hsueh-Chi》, including photographs is published as a ChiHsuehchi.pdf for down load

A story from foster son of Chi in Chinese appeared in 2008 in a blog

Wen Tianxiang 文天祥, Chi Hsue-Chi 張天如: 現代文天祥齊學啟